Best Areas for Halal Food & Muslim Fashion Shopping in Singapore

Singapore is a tiny island located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, surrounded by other predominantly Muslim populated nations like Malaysia and Indonesia. Although Singapore’s population itself is not predominantly Muslim, this tiny city has gone to arm’s length to ensure that it is packed with Halal and Muslim friendly amenities to meet the needs of the Muslim community.

There are mosques located in every part of Singapore with some areas having a few of them within 5 minutes walk from each other like Eunos, Geylang and Paya Lebar Roads. Then there are numerous Halal eateries with delectable dishes to sink you teeth into. And no Muslim friendly city will be complete without Muslim fashion shops to look for all the latest hijab style, abaya designs and eye catching jubahs. So, to learn more about all the best Halal and Muslim friendly areas to eat and shop, please continue to read the rest of the article.

Kampong Glam Precinct

The Kampong Glam Precinct is a historical and cultural place for many Muslims in Singapore. It was once home to the Malay Muslim royal family and of course the large population of Muslims who flocked to Singapore in the early 19th century when Singapore became a trading port. While the area now consists of mainly commercial buildings, a large section of Kampong Glam has been preserved with the Muslim culture and history very much intact.

While the main draw of the Kampong Glam Precinct is definitely the oldest and most famous mosque in Singapore, the Sultan Mosque, the other Muslim friendly aspect of Kampong Glam Precinct that you will instantly notice is the numerous Halal eateries located all around the area. You can find all kinds of Halal food from Indian, Malay and even Western dishes.

For a taste of authentic Indian dishes like biryani rice, naan bread and chicken/meat curries, then Islamic, Victory, Zam Zam and Tasneem are some of the eateries you definitely have to visit. If you prefer to savor local, traditional Malay cuisine, then Hajjah Maimunah and Rumah Makan Minang are the definite stops for you. However, if you prefer Western delights, there are many eateries offering Eastern and Western fusion based dishes along Kampong Glam. But for a true taste of Western staples like burgers, fish and chips and lamb chops, then Fat Papas is a must stop for you.

While there are no short supply of good Halal food along the Kampong Glam district, there are equally as many good quality Muslim fashion shops along streets like Kandahar, Bussorah and Arab Streets. Many of these shops have beautiful and trendy abaya designs, hijab style, jubahs, baju kurongs and even clothing materials on display for you to choose from and shop till your heart’s content. But if you prefer to shop at a shopping center for all your latest Muslim fashion ware, then it is highly recommended that you pay a visit to the Golden Landmark Shopping Center located just across the street from the Sultan Mosque.

Online Halal Guide & Muslim Fashion Shops

Another source to look for the best Halal and Muslim friendly food and fashion are online Halal guides and Muslim fashion shops. Two such popular ones are, an online Muslim friendly and Halal guide and, an online Muslimah fashion shop.

HalalGo curates some of the best information on Muslim friendly and Halal amenities such as hotels, eateries, activities and attractions that you can find not just in Singapore but also cities like Bangkok, New York, London and much more. HijabDressUp, on the other hand, offers some of the best hijab style, delightful jubah, best kaftan abaya, sophisticated maxi-dresses and even modest swimwear like the best burkini swimwear.


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