Knowing what you Want Can Bring you Happiness

In order to achieve happiness in everything you do, you must first know what you really, really want. There must be something that you have been desiring deep down inside you for a very, very long time.

What do you want so much you will explode if you just can’t have it? Think through this question as thoroughly as you can. The more thoroughly you think about this question, the lesser hassle and dissatisfaction you will experience when you go about pursuing it and subsequently getting it.

Most people think they want something and that it would bring them happiness and fulfilment, pursuing it with all their resources and time. Despite doing all these, they still find an emptiness and a void inside of them even though they have achieved what they had wanted to achieve at first.

Pretty much everyone of us has experienced something like that a number of times in our lives. How many times have you gone after a person for whatever reason only to find at the end that that person is not the one that will serve your purposes well? How many things have you purchased with your good money only to find after your purchase that it does not bring you satisfaction and more happiness afterwards? How many careers or paths have you pursued only to find while you’re on it that it is not meant for you, that it does not ‘align’ with your calling or destiny in life – whatever that means for you?

These are all good examples of not having a clear and deep enough understanding of what it is that you want. Beyond knowing what you want, it is also important that you know why you want it. You need to know why you want something so badly, what about it makes you think it will help you feel even happier than you are now, what drives you to want to pursue it, and what deeper emotion or desire causes you to want it.

For example, let’s say you are browsing a gifts site such as 786.Gifts, and you see some funny mugs that you like, and wish to purchase. Before you do so, you should know why you want them so badly, perhaps because their funny designs crack you up and make you laugh uncontrollably. Next ponder about what makes you think you will feel happier if you purchase those mugs. Maybe the funny messages on the mugs will keep you happy when you get to use them in person. Subsequently, you may want to purchase them because you know that each time you drink from the mugs, and look at the messages, it will brighten up your day, and leave a sense of positivity in you.

Another thing to note is what you truly, deeply want, and why you want it, does not necessarily just have to be for yourself. It could also be more inclined towards receiving something for others, or towards giving and serving for the benefit of others. You can also feel a sense of happiness by getting something that someone else truly and deeply wants.

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