Meet the Employability Accounts Team at Employment and Employability Institute

Employment and Employability Institute plays a very important role in helping and guiding workers upgrade themselves, find jobs, and learn new sets of skills as they transition in their respective careers. But, have you ever wondered what their team does behind the scenes to make all these things happen for all workers?

Employment and Employability Institute – A More Personal Touch
Employment and Employability Institute is able to achieve all the best outcomes with the help of the company’s Employability Accounts Group. This group has been divided into ten different Employability Accounts teams that service about 50 sub-sectors.

Every team is composed of around 7 to 14 members that have all the complementary sets of skills and a pulse on the new things and trends that take place in their specialized sectors. Each team at Employability Accounts is specifically customer-facing with a focus on two key aspects.

The very first approach is giving workers the coaching they need to adapt and keep up with the economical changes and pick up and learn the necessary skills most relevant to their job positions. The second is in teaching employers to have a better understanding of the ever-changing profile of today’s workforce and offering them support in terms of training, retention, and staff recruitment.

A Quick Look at Employment and Employability Institute’s Team
Since teamwork is what ultimately makes the dream work for those thousands of workers that the company supports every year, it is time for you to meet some of the people behind the Employability Accounts team.
Jacklyn Lim is a senior specialist in the consumer services team whose key role is centered around coaching individuals and jobseekers. She enjoys helping her team as they engage with different industry stakeholders since it lets her see the entire value chain of good work they do as an organization.

The principal specialist at transport and logistics team Cindia Tan has been part of Employment and Employability Institute right after her graduation. She services accounts in transport, logistics, and security and currently the wholesale trade sector.
Her job entails meeting companies to have a better understanding of their needs and come up with various solutions for employability that will help them address problems through the company’s different tools. Apart from account management, she also helps connect various stakeholders to kick start changes in the industry to benefit the local workforce.

Electronics and transport engineering’s principal specialist Iris Chong currently oversees the marine and aerospace sectors portfolio where she works with employers, training providers, unions, and associations to bridge the gap between employability and employment.

Yao Kia Li is the principal specialist at education services works as a career coach who guides people in their search for jobs and help them have a better understanding of themselves as she matches them to their new careers. She is like a bridge to help them discover useful resources for careers that can boost their employability within the community. She helps them to be more strategic with their job search and make more informed decisions with their careers.

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