The Most Important Step In Getting Fit

Almost everyone knows the importance of being fit. But how many people actually become fit? Well, the most important step in getting fit, is of course to get started already! Begin your journey now. Take your first step now. Make sure it’s now and not tomorrow or the next day.

If it’s an exercise routine you need to start, go get dressed in your fitness clothes and start it now. If it’s a healthy meal you need to make, pick up your cooking utensils and ingredients, and make that meal now. If it’s a fitness website programme that you need to sign up to, open a new browser window and sign up for it now. If it’s a water bottle that you need to buy to drink water from during your exercise routine, order it from Relax Bottles or get off your chair and head to the nearest supermarket and pick it up now. If it’s a fitness workshop you need to attend, apply for it now! If it’s a new gym you need to go to, start making your way there now! If it’s a new health course you want to start, go register for it now!

Nothing, nothing ever beats the power of momentum once you get moving. Burn all bridges that lead back to your previous life of fitness mediocrity, stagnation and procrastination. Utterly annihilate all links and trunk lines that can potentially lead you back to old, limiting patterns of behaviour and thinking about fitness.

But to start with a bang, you need leverage – how can you set things up in your life such that, if you continue to procrastinate or continue your disempowering habits and behaviours that add nothing to your fitness worth, you will be ‘punished’? And if you start to perform empowering, positive actions and create new habits that add value to others and improve your health, you will be ‘rewarded’?

Ask yourself the above question to get insights as to how you can motivate yourself to move and start getting fit. Think of the achievement process as a wheel. A wheel can get you where you want to be if you give it enough push and momentum by applying the right amount of leverage.

But a wheel will not take you anywhere if you don’t give it any push at all. A wheel will slow down if there are road humps ahead. It will not move no matter how hard you push if you have a wheel choke preventing it from moving.

Worst of all, instead of taking you where you want to be in terms of fitness, a wheel can also turn backwards and bring you back further and further into places you do NOT want to go to, that might even pose a dangerous threat to your health.

Why is the fitness achievement system a cycle rather than a linear (one-way) process?
This is because, at every moment on your journey to achieving a life of health, fitness, success and happiness, you will encounter new challenges, new obstructions, new blocks and unexpected diversions. Therefore it is important that you constantly do a reality check from time to time, remind yourself of your fitness target, or know where the next milestone is, remove any new blocks you encounter and keep moving.

You don’t drive with your eyes blindfolded even though you already know where you want to be, do you? Similarly, reality checks should be done consistently throughout your entire journey towards achieving your fitness goals.

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