Top Reasons to Apply for Singapore Citizenship

After obtaining your PR or permanent resident status in Singapore, it is only natural that you take the next step and that is to apply for singapore citizenship. While your PR status can give you clear benefits than foreign citizens, a citizenship will take all these benefits to a whole new level. Here are some of the best reasons why you should complete your Singapore citizenship application sooner than later.

Students who have Singapore citizenship will get yearly contributions to their Edusave Account for covering their school fees. The available contributions for secondary school students reach up to $290 while primary school students can get contributions amounting to $230.

Singapore PRs and citizens also pay different amounts of school fees. This difference is equivalent to hundreds of dollars for secondary and primary school fees and thousands of dollars for tuition fees in universities.

A Singapore citizenship entitles you to pay up to 10% lesser than PRs when it comes to public medical services. Aside from that, this also opens doors to various healthcare schemes. Households can receive medical fee subsidies under the CHAS or Community Health Assist Scheme.

Families are also entitled to grants of varying amounts that depend on the incomes of the household members. MediFund offers additional assistance to the Singaporeans who still find it hard to pay for their medical bills even after they received subsides. The SMF or Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund provides subsidies to the citizen caregivers for the seniors.

Parents who apply for Singapore citizenship will receive PTRs or Parenthood Tax Rebates if their children are born after the year 2008. The rebates range from $5,000 for the first child then increases with the number of kids born. There is also the Baby Bonus Scheme that gives cash gifts to the parents of the Singaporean children. This amounts to $8,000 for the first two kids and $10,000 for the subsequent children. Singapore citizens are also entitled to a maternity leave good for 16 weeks that is also partially funded by the government. Unlike PRs, Singaporean mothers can also take advantage of schemes like WMCR or Working Mother’s Child Relief.

A Singapore citizen also receives different benefits when buying Singaporean properties. Citizens can take advantage of the privilege to be able to purchase brand new flats from the HDB or Housing and Development Board. There are also no restrictions regarding the types of property they can purchase. In addition, citizens can get subsidies and grants from the HDB.
PRs, on the other hand, are only allowed to buy resale flats from HDB. They can only buy property after they get an approval from the Ministry of Law. They are also subjected to the SPR or Singapore Permanent Resident quota policy.

Right to Vote and Freedom to Travel
The Singapore passport has been ranked as the world’s most powerful passport with access to up to 190 territories and countries. This means that when you apply for Singapore citizenship, you get to enjoy more travel freedom with no need to apply for a visa. Citizens of Singapore can also exercise their right of suffrage during parliamentary elections.

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